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Crickets! WHY!?!?

Posted by Amanda South on June 2, 2016 at 1:55 PM


We all love our reptiles, but most of us loathe their lunch. Many reptiles that we commonly keep as pets are insectivores, and the most commonly available feeder insect is the cricket.


I often get calls from Reptile show customers asking one of two things-


“What can I do to keep these darn things alive?” and “how do I keep them from escaping?”


Even though we tend to simply think of them as food for our pets, crickets are living animals themselves and these points need to be kept in mind.


They need to eat: Crickets will eat almost anything. I feed a special mixture of oatmeal, fish food, turtle food & dog food crumbs.



They need to drink: Crickets aren’t the smartest creatures, and if you put a dish of water in their enclosure they might drown. I use a sponge in a bowl and make sure it stays moist.



You need to clean out their enclosure: Even if you are just keeping them in an old plastic takeout container that you don’t really care about, waste products and dead crickets must be removed on a daily basis. When debris begins to break down it creates ammonia gas. After enough ammonia accumulates, the remaining crickets can quickly suffocate and die off.



You don’t have to have crickets jumping all over your house:Crickets are naturally tunnel/cave dwelling creatures, therefore they are attracted to darkness. You can use this to your advantage to keep them in their container, and off of your floors. Cricket Keepers are a great thing to have. They have slots on their sides where dark plastic tubes are inserted. Being attracted to the darkness, the crickets hide inside of the easily removable tubes. All you have to do is slide out the tube, shake some crickets into your pet’s enclosure, then pop the tube back into the cricket pen. I have seen these Keepers at All our shows with Dell and Azo Our two wholesale dry goods vendors! If you don't have one i suggest it!

We hope to see every one at the Next Pittsburgh Reptile Show www.pghreptileshow.com 724-516-0441

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