Pittsburgh Reptile Show & Sale

A Once a month shopping experience, Since 1989

Become a Vendor / Information

To book a Table Please Call us @ 724-516-0441 
  or Email us @ PghReptileshow@Gmail.com

Pittsburgh Reptile Show & Sale Vendor Rules and Information

WE are currently on a waiting list for most show, Contact us for more info!

*Vendor setup is from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.  ~ Doors open to public @ 9am

* Power is provided for each table but bring an extension cord 

*All vendors are expected to act in a professional manner.

*All animals must be in proper caging / enclosures 

*All Sales are between vendor and buyer, show cannot be held responsible for transactions. 

*Vendors assume full responsibility for all animals brought to the show, and any injuries caused by animals brought by a vendor are the sole responsibility and liability of that vendor.

*No endangered, protected, or native Pennsylvania species allowed. It is your responsibility to know the legality of what you intend to bring.

*Table Cancellation - If for some reason you need to cancel your already booked space-  CALL me right away!  724-516-0441 

         Canalization FEE's  - If you cancel your table more than 7 days prior to the show  - NO FEE

                                           - Less than 7 days before the show , if i can fill your spaces NO FEE -  if not you will have to pay for tables missed .

                                                    (Any table fees owed for prior no-shows/absences need to be paid before booking future shows)


**Venomous rules**:

* Venomous animals must be sold in the containers they are displayed in.

      ***At NO time will venomous animals be permitted out of their sealed display container.

* All container lids must be sealed with tape and the seal is not to be broken until the animal  has left the property. This includes the parking lot. You must inform the Buyer!

* All venomous animals on display need to have a warning label on the container in plain view.

* When you sell a venomous animal you must tell your customer that they will have to exit the  show and they may not wander around the show with a venomous animal. **(you can hold the animal at your table, till the customer is done looking throughout the show for them. )

*Venomous animals can only be sold to persons over the age of 21 .

*We have a lot of small children at our shows it is preferred that Venomous reptiles are not displayed in the first row on your table.



*CRICKETS --Dale Mitchel Reptiles has the exclusive on them and we have this on Crickets because they die to quickly   

~All Vendors In  Pa need an EIN Number - They are FREE to get, To get one you need to go to www.paopenforbusiness.com or call George Dudack @ 412-565-2456

~The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture requires all reptile and amphibian dealers and propagators (breeders) to be licensed through them. 

                                                                                               Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

                                                                                                    Department of Agriculture
                                                                                    Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services
                                                                                                           2301 North Cameron Street
                                                                                                           Harrisburg , PA 17110-9408
 Please reach the bureau’s main phone line at (717) 772-2852 for any questions on the proper licenses needed.
                                                                                         Website: www.agriculture.pa.gov

Please call 724-516-0441 for more info!